Clubbercise in Telford!

Clubbercise in Telford


We have had fantastic feedback for our first Year of Clubbercise in TELFORD classes at WOW since we launched last year in 2014! If you fancy a class that is more like a night out than a workout, then this is the class for you! Set in darkness with disco lights and glow sticks, this FUN FILLED class is for party goers and beginners to fitness. Perfect for those who aren’t into the gym or workouts! The class is 1 hour long and consists of aerobic dance fitness and easy to follow routines booming  90s/ todays chart hits! Take a look at all our FABULOUS reviews of those who LOVE CLUBBERCISE AT WOW TELFORD:

Caroline Mulvihill reviewed Clubbercise Telford with Kim5 star
January 16 2015 

Fantastic group…didn’t feel like exercise…great bubbly instructor…highly recommend  c u next Monday!!!

Sian Davies reviewed  Clubbercise Telford with Kim

5 star

December 4, 2014

Amazin classs absolutly luv it! Feel so good after it! And an amazin instructor! Xx

Kimberley Leonard Kent reviewed Clubbercise Telford with Kim
 — 5 star
December 7, 2014 ·

Love this class so much, great people with great energy and have even made a few friends xxx

Samantha Muir reviewed Clubbercise Telford with Kim5 star

January 6 2015 ·

Absolutely love love love this way of fitness, so much fun that u forget u are actually doing a fitness class!! Brilliant

Claire Wilkes reviewed Clubbercise Telford with Kim5 star
June 17 2015 ·

Really enjoy all the different classes at wow.all the instructors are very helpful and friendly.

Sheza Darlington reviewed Clubbercise Telford with Kim5 star
September 23 2015 ·

I’m not one for exercise but love going to Clubbercise! You forget you’re having a workout cos it’s so much fun! Would definitely recommend it x


Sarah Huxley Walker reviewed Clubbercise Telford with Kim5 star

Fantastic class with a great instructor, loads of fun and cool tunes so barely feels like exercise, though it certainly makes you sweat (sorry, perspire…we’re ladies lol) Takes me back to my clubbing days, minus the high heels lol…and loving the glow sticks!!

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  • TUESDAYS 6.30PM 
  • THURSDAY 6.30PM 

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WOW Clubbercise I loved it, I think it's a great way to burn calories. I can't wait for Monday morning a good kick start to the day and I'm on reserve list for Tuesday and Thursday with my buddy Jennie.
Ree Turner