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Group Fitness Telford - WOMEN ONLY WORKOUT

Group Fitness Telford

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Group fitness Telford


  • Ruthless Circuits

    Takes the strength and flexibility exercises of Yoga and combines them with core tightening and strengthening of Pilates . This class will work the entire body and focus more on core work , flexibility and strength.

Class Descriptions

Clubbercise – Bringing a night out to your workout, perfect for party goers or those new to fitness. This is an aerobic dance fitness class suitable for all abilities due to high and low impact options. EASY TO FOLLOW routines set in darkness with glowsticks and disco lights to 90s / todays dance hits! Burning up to 500 calories per hour class. Duration – 1 Hour  and suitable for all fitness levels. Instructor – Kim Joyce

BoxRox – One of WOWs very own! An aerobic boxing class with boxing gloves taken and inspired from kickboxing and boxing combinations, easy to follow. A great sweater and stress buster! Duration – 45 mins and suitable for all fitness levels. Instructor and Kickboxer- Sophie Morris

Yoga – a Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline, a part of which, including breath control, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures, is widely practised for health and relaxation. Duration – 1 Hour  suitable for all levels – low impact class. Instructor Gill Littleford.

Yogalates – A fusion of (flow) yoga and mat Pilates.  Think core strength plus flexibility. Emphasis on strengthening the core (i.e. abdominals, back, hips, glutes) using classical mat Pilates exercises followed by yoga poses to increase flexibility. Duration – 1 hour – Instructor – Gill Littleford

Interval Circuits – an all over body approach set in many various circuit / drill formats, making the class different each time. Using short bursts of exercise, interval training is known to speed up metabolism. Each stations consists of a different exercise once the station is complete you then move onto the next station until the circuit is complete. Focusing on strength, endurance, cardiovascular, flexibility and other fitness components. Duration – 45 mins. Instructors-  Kim Joyce and Instructor Sophie Morris.

Abs Blast – focusing on the abdominal region, to sculpt and shape that tummy into shape. A quick blast of tummy exercises for those wanting to focus on that particular area. Low impact and suitable for all levels.  Duration – 30 mins Instructor – Sophie Morris

Legs Bums & Tums – a class focusing on the more problematic areas for ladies, the thighs , the booty and the tummy. This class consists of a fun aerobic component followed by muscular strengthening and endurance work. Mainly body weight and free weight exercises to sculpt, tone and shape the body. Kim has recently qualified to teach any exercise to music class so expect more NEW classes from her in 2016! Suitable for beginners and for all fitness levels as many different options can be given. Duration – 45 mins Instructor – Kim Joyce

HIIT – (High Intensity Interval Training) a class that uses short bursts of intense exercises followed by measured rest periods. It has been known to speed up your metabolism for up to 72 hours after completing the class meaning you burn calories at a quicker rate. Intense higher impact class but options are given for those new and wanting to give it a go, mainly cardio with some strengthening exercises thrown in there too! Duration 45 mins Instructor – Kim Joyce

We will be launching some more new classes at a later date in 2016 they are still being prepared and discussed. Should you have any requests or feedback please feel free to fill out a feedback form at the gym.


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Great double class tonight...abs with Fay and Boxrox with Sophie . Sophie you did great...a proper sweaty workout! X  
Jacqui Beswick

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