Personal Training in Telford

Why not opt for our FULL VIP 12 WEEK package? JUST £99 and you get:

  1. A 121 session every week for 12 weeks
  2. 30 minute express resistance circuit
  3. Cardio Suite
  4. Vibration Plates
  5. VIP 121 support
  6. Nutritional Advice
  7. Access to our online weight loss club
  8. Weighing and measuring, body fat percentage monitoring
  9. Sessions planned around you!
  10. Motivational Instructors
  11. Food Diaries and guidance
  12. Weekly check ups

Many ladies don’t realize that they may or may not be doing something that’s where we step in with our knowledge of health and fitness to guide you and help you stick to it!



  1. You are more likely to stick to your goals with someone there motivating you.
  2. Instructors can focus a lot more on good form and technique with you.
  3. Instructors can do fitness tests to ensure your fitness levels are increasing.
  4. Massive differences to every day tasks such as – reaching down, carrying shopping or going up and down flights of stairs.
  5. Weighing and measuring can help you keep on track – not only that but measuring inch loss is more motivational than just weighing on the scales , plus we can do other checks such as your blood pressure, body fat percentage and hydration levels.
  6. The instructor may focus on factors that you don’t such as –  more strengthening, more cardio, flexibility, postural alignments etc.
  7. The instructor can guide you on what you may want to add or cut out of your daily intake with food and guide you on healthier substitutes
  8. It is a massive mood booster! We have had ladies come in a glum mood and leave re-energized!
  9. We encourage you to not focus so much on the scale numbers – but more on overall achievements and goals.

    At Women Only Workout we have had some brilliant results from 121 training, ladies who are on the go have managed to fit it in around their busy schedule and STICK TO IT, achieving their goals one step at a time. The popularity is catching on so be sure to inquire next time you are in!

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Love going to the gym now, Thanks to women only workout!!! Lovely staff and a great gym... Highly recommended ☺☺☺☺☺
Assia Usman