Top Reasons To Join Our Telford Ladies Gym


Top Reasons To Join Our Telford Ladies Gym

We have all been there, walking into a gym and feeling the anxiety set in, feeling as though everyone is staring at you, self conscious and afraid. At Women Only Workout in Hortonwood Telford Ladies Gym we do things a little differently and accommodate ladies of all ages, all shapes and sizes.



So what are the TOP REASONS for JOINING WOW?


  1. Of course… NO MEN, no posers and that feeling of people gawping at you is no more!
  2.  NO MIRRORS – another thing that can put ladies off when working out, no distractions.
  3.  We are based around a great 30 minute resistance/ strengthening workout, settings are adjusted for you and no clock watching as the interval timer tells you when to move onto the next piece of apparatus.
  5.  ALL Equipment is SUPER USER FRIENDLY, simple and effective.
  6. Friendliness –  ALWAYS greeted with a smile,  we are known for our friendly, positive and supportive attitude towards our members. We genuinely care!
  7. We have different membership packages suitable for different ladies and their needs.
  8. We have a PAY AS YOU GO option available.
  9.  We provide a FUN range of fitness classes such as BoxRox, Clubbercise, Legs Bums Tums, Yoga etc
  10. We provide a 121 service including, 121 sessions with instructors help & support , weigh & measure, body analysis and more!
  11.  We have a SUNBED LOUNGE on site – get tanned and fit at the same time!unlimited sunbed course
  12. We have a Lipo Clinic on site meaning extra added help for inch loss, cellulite removal and fine line reduction!
  13.  No intimidation, ladies of all shapes, sizes, abilities and ages!
  14.  A great place to meet and make new friends like many of our members have done already!
  15.  Everything you need to get fit all in one place
  16. Totally private and no machine hogging!
  17.  Matted shock absorbent flooring – for joint support
  18.  Masses of great feedback from all our members
  19.  We always take feedback on board.
  20. Popular vibration plates available!
  21.  An investment in your health is one of the best you can make!

We pride on our loyalty and customer service to our members and that’s what makes our gym so unique!  To join simply call us or pop in for a coffee and a chat – 01952 677101


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BoxRox Rocks!! Love this class.. Great job Sophie and Kim. Love it... Thank you for a great class!  
Zeenat Kaji