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If I am interested how do I go about signing up? Just pop in to see us for an informal chat or book an appointment with one of our team to go through all what we have to offer here at WOW 01952 677101 

I have been to a gym before, will I need a gym induction at WOW?Yes for your own health and safety we will need to guide you on how to use the machines safely and effectively.

What is the 30 minute circuit? The circuit is a resistance based circuit focusing on all major muscle groups within the body for strengthening muscles and joints and a great key component for weight loss if used frequently . There are 10 machines laid out in an L SHAPE circuit, the idea is that you work at 1 minute intervals, we change the strength settings everyday for maximum results and so it saves time for you!

Are you limited to just 30 minutes? No, you can go around the circuit as many times as you like, the 30 minutes is just beneficial for ladies with limited time, i.e on their lunch breaks or for a quick express workout.

Is it available all day? Yes! Weekdays – 7.30am – 7.30pm and Saturdays 9-1pm

Will I always be able to get on the machines? – Yes, the circuit is designed to keep ladies moving from one piece of apparatus to another, as for the cardio equipment we have ladies who are in and out of the gym all day so there is always chance to get on equipment.

Are the machines easy to use? – Yes VERY us ladies like simplicity! 


I don’t want to bulk up, will the circuit still be good for me? YES! It would take a LOT to get bulky and you’re talking training 5 times a day with a lot of protein in your diet – resistance work is actually KEY for weight loss as it builds lean muscle and is generally good for overall fitness goals not to mention health! 

Are the classes on your timetable suitable for everyone? We always encourage ladies to try and see if they like a class first, we accommodate for all abilities and alternatives are always provided if needed. 


Do you have to book for classes?Clubbercise and Yoga yes as they tend to be busier and require more room to move. Everything else is available to just turn up. 

Do you get ladies of all ages who come here or is it just the young ones?  – Yes! We have a wide and diverse age group here at WOW from 16 to 80+ all abilities ! We welcome and encourage all ladies to get involved in fitness at WOW!

Do you only have slim, fit ladies who come here? –  We understand that gyms can be intimidating but again we have ladies of all abilities, all shapes and all sizes, we welcome all ladies and want them to feel comfortable when they attend! 

Do you have shower facilities? – Yes we have showers onsite for all ladies to use at their convenience! 

Do the vibration plates at WOW work for weight loss?Yes! It is always encouraged to move and do exercises on them for maximum results but they are known for being brilliant for  reduction in cellulite and tightening the skin! They are great for getting the circulation going! 

If I join, will I be tied into a contract? A contract is a great way to keep on track for 12 months however we do offer alternative options it is always best to come in first to discuss your options! 

I lose motivation easily, is there anyway you can keep me on track? We offer a 3 month package for ladies needing extra help with a particular goal where they can have a 30 min session every week with an instructor 121 focusing on the areas they want to work on,with this we also do weighing and measuring, body analysis etc however they must sign up for a membership to qualify for this. 







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Well done Sophie ! A great launch for Boxrox tonight !! You were brilliant !! Looking forward to Fridays session. X
Teresa Farr

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